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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Lunch, Dinner & Free Salt Water Grouper Fish

One of my favourite noodle is the "tai loke meen" or the fat noodle. I first tasted this fat noodle when I was working in Kuala Lumpur. In Ipoh, it is not easy to find good tasty fat noodle but I will still order a plate whenever I crave for it.
There is one fried noodle stall at the food court near my house. I saw that they have this fat noodle on their menu. The picture looks nice, so ended up ordering a plate for lunch.
The fat noodle with some chili sauce but I would prefer the sambal belacan version. The fat noodle is fried with some prawns, fish paste slices, pork slices, crispy lard pieces, veggie, and black soy sauce. This noodle is good enough to satisfy my craving for the time being.
I made a trip to the Aeon Big shopping centre. Before visiting the supermarket, I went to the upper floor to buy something from Mr. DIY store. I happen to see 2 big posters covering 2 empty space.
I stopped to take snapshots and continue to MR.DIY store.
That evening, I had mood to do some simple cooking for dinner.
I boiled white raddish soup with pork ribs, wolf berries and red dates.
Bitter melon or bitter gourd slices and egg omelette.
These two dishes good enough to go with white rice for 2 people.
*     *     *     *     *
My elder son came back for the weekend and he brought back a big Grouper fish. He visited one of his fishing friends in Ipoh. The friend gave one of the Grouper fishes he caught on his fishing trip.
I cut the fish into 2 and steamed the tail half for next day's dinner.
The other half with the head was kept in the freezer for another dinner.
The whole fish measured more than 20 inches long.
*     *     *     *     *
The following photos from the Hor Yan Hor museum are for joining Tuesday's Treasures and Image-in-ing.
Wood blocks from tree trunks as stools.
The founder of Hor Yan Hor Chinese herbal tea at the museum. He carried the herbal tea in the green antique box.

I am warning you ahead of time, dear brothers,

so that you can watch out and not be carried away

by the mistakes of these wicked men,

lest you yourselves become mixed up too.

(2 Peter 3:17, The Living Bible-TLB)

Monday, 21 May 2018

Harvesting White Brinjals Or White Eggplants From My Garden

I have been wanting to publish this post but somehow it got shelved again and again. Today, finally I am able to publish this post about my white brinjals! I can't remember exactly when I bought a packet of white brinjal seeds from the plant nursery.
Pic #1
Brinjals harvested from my garden.

The misplaced packet of seeds was found and I sowed the seeds. I also sowed other seeds including the purple brinjals in different containers. Some sprouted and none from the brinjal seeds. Days passed and I thought that both the white and purple brinjal seeds have expired and couldn't sprout.
Pic #2
Much later, 2 seedlings sprouted but I wasn't sure from which. The seedlings have matured and started to fruit. I was very excited over the first sight of the brinjal fruit.
Pic #3
The brinjal flower and the first fruit.
Pic #4
Pic #5
Pic #6
Pic #7
I didn't keep track of the days but these 2 brinjals look good for harvest.
Pic #8
More brinjals appeared on the plants.
Pic #9
Both the plants are very fruitful.
Pic #10
At one time, I get to harvest about 2 to 3 brinjals, just enough for 1 meal.
Pic #11
Sometimes I get to harvest one 1 brinjal and some malabar spinach leaves.
Pic #12
Looking forward to grow more white brinjals in my garden.

How can men be wise?

The only way to begin is by reverence for God.

For growth in wisdom comes from obeying his laws.

Praise his name forever.

(Psalm 111:10, The Living Bible-TLB)

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Enjoying Our Dinner At Wan Li Xiang Roasters On A Rainy Day

It had been raining on and off for the whole day. Just after a heavy downpour, it was time for us to set out looking for dinner. Once we have all settled into the car, we decided on the venue for our dinner. The air was cool and fresh, and we were all feeling hungry and had a good appetite for the dinner at Wan Li Xiang Roasters in Pasir Puteh. So, I supposed the one who ordered the dishes got carried away, but none of us objected to the dishes ordered.
 Deep fried tofu with the inside smooth and soft, cooked with Loofah gourd.
 BBQ pork (char siew) & roasted pork (siew yoke).
 Sweet potatoes leaves with spicy prawn paste (sambal belacan).
 Stewed pork rib with bean curd and bitter gourd.
With this dish alone, I can eat a plate of rice.
Overall, it was a very enjoyable and delicious dinner.
*     *     *     *     *
The following pictures are for joining Saturday's Critters.
 The rain and the cold must have driven this black insect or bee into my house. I found this on the floor mat in my hall. Fortunately, none of us stepped on it or else we might have got stung!
 Saw this tiny lizard on my friend's garden wall.
 The next morning after the heavy downpour, I saw this lizard on this plant outside my house.
"Hey! Hurry up, I am getting tired with this pose!"
I have to zoom in to get a close up shot. I am glad it gave me enough time for some snap shots before it disappear into the bush.

Linking to Saturday's Critters.

Yet is is always new, and works for you just as it did for Christ;

and as we obey this commandment, to love one another,

the darkness in our lives disappears

and the new light of life in Christ shines in.

(1 John 2:8, The Living Bible-TLB)

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